Azuro Success Stories

Azuro were fairly priced and the turnaround was incredibly timely.

Stumbled upon Azuro Business solutions when searching for a company to create a customized plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. After several calls to other companies in the Microsoft directory, I was glad to finally hear the voice of someone eager & excited to take on this project.

Not only that, Azuro and their CEO, Johann were incredibly forthcoming about having all the proper paperwork in order. Being we are based in the U.S., it was difficult to hand over access to our customer database to an international firm, but Azuro did their best to put me, and most importantly, our legal department at ease.

Through a Skype/Screen Share session, I was able to explain in detail exactly how we'd customization to work. The whole experience was incredibly seamless, with Azuro developing a full understanding of how our business functions in no time at all. Johann and team provided us with the opportunity to test the new plug-in at each step of completion in a test environment, before proceeding with the full launch.

Additionally, Azuro were fairly priced and the turnaround was incredibly timely. I highly recommend this firm for any project, no matter how large or small. We are extremely satisfied and can't thank them enough for adding a much needed improvement to our system. Microsoft would do themselves well to appoint Azuro for ALL customizations. Their passion for creating innovative technology solutions for businesses absolutely shines through in their spirit and quality of work.

Michael D. Roden - The Beechwood Organization

Success is a Given

Azuro has provided fully integrated operational and business solutions to the Financial services, Mining, Telecommunications, Technology, Education and various other business sectors; utilizing various application platforms with success.

There is no better way to learn more about Azuro Business Solutions and our capabilities than to read the success stories of our happy Customers.

The SharePoint Experience

Azuro Solutions has provided us with service that has empowered us to deliver innovative, cost efficient solutions to our clients. Their team is on the ball when it comes to support issues, queries and they go beyond the "SLA". We find that their out the box thinking allows us to ensure we provide cutting edge service and delivery.


Mzuri Exploration Services

Mzuri Exploration Services enjoys a healthy and productive business relationship with Azuro, since 2010. At that time they were approached to develop an Information Management Solution that had to facilitate the availability, visibility and usability of data. The flow of source data would be applied to a business information application and which would enable the management and executive team of Mzuri to manage the organization instinctively and proactively. The User Interface would be built on a SharePoint platform to assist with the initial requirement but to also facilitate future growth. SharePoint would also allow for document sharing, distribution and document storage to act as a single source/repository of company documents. The SharePoint UI would be accessed over the web and could as such be accessed from anywhere in the world provided that the correct security protocol is followed. This system would be a perfect answer to an exploration company that had to manage much and sensitive data, and had to be able to access data from literally anywhere. The brief at the time was vague, and the budget tight. Azuro developed the product according to the brief and basic specifications, skilfully and tactfully guiding the client along the way. In addition to this, Azuro arranged and still manages the entire Mzuri online IT service, inclusive of Cloud storage, MS Exchange and a rudimentary website. Mzuri Exploration Services benefits from the solution provided by Azuro, not only from a substantial cost savings point of view, but also in the sense that IT business support is not its core business, and this solution provides the required outcome without the capacity and effort associated with a self-owned IT system Azuro is a true solutions provider, with key values such as integrity, honesty and client satisfaction at the top of their list of priorities. Mzuri Exploration Services Ltd recommends Azuro without hesitation.